Bachelor of Theology (B.Th. Hon) Four Years

The Bachelor of Theology is designed as a full-orbed program in theological education for undergraduate students. This program is recommended to those desiring to serve as prospective pastors, missionaries and Christian educators. Successful students may choose to continue on to graduate work at seminary.

To ensure ministry skills are being cultivated, the program emphasizes spiritual formation and practicum. The degree is awarded upon successful completion of 120 credit hours as follows:

First Year Course Code Course Title Credit/Hours
BI101 Pentateuch 3
BI102 Gospels: Life of Christ 3
BI103 History of Israel 3
BI105 New Testament Survey 3
BI107 Old Testament Survey 3
BI108 Genesis 3
BI201 John: Gospel of Love 3
BI202 Acts: Mandate for Missions 3
BI203 Romans: The Overcoming Life 3
BI204 The Tabernacle of Moses 3
30 hours

Second Year Course Code Course Title Credit/Hours
BI205 Interpreting Signs and Symbols 3
BI206 Biblical Wisdom 3
BI207 Hebrews: The Better Covenant 3
BI208 Ministry of Helps 3
BI210 Garments of the High Priest 3
BI211 Old Testament History 3
BI215 Pastoral Epistles 3
CNS731 Marriage and Family Counseling 3
Electives 6
30 hours

Third Year Course Code Course Title Credit/Hours
BI302 Minor Prophets 3
BI303 Daniel & Revelation 3
BI306 Prison Epistles 3
BI312 Revelation 3
BI313 Ephesians 3
BI315 Galatians 3
BI330 Colossians 3
BI340 Ezekiel 3
BI350 Pauline Epistles 3
BI401 The Tabernacle of David 3
30 hours

Fourth Year Course Code Course Title Credit/Hours
TS101 Theology I: Christology 3
TS102 Theology II: Holy Spirit 3
TS103 Theology III: Prayer 3
TS106 Biblio: Doctrines of Scripture 3
TS107 Theology VII: Salvation 3
TS209 Bible Doctrines 3
TS310 Theology IX: Systematic Theology 3
TS314 Pauline Theology 3
TS401 Theology VI: Doctrine of God 3
TS402 Eschatology 3
30 hours

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