Pay Tution

Financial Information

Canon University offers the highest level of academic studies at the lowest possible price.  We offer (4) affordable payment plans to assist you.  All costs are subject to change without notice.  Once you are enrolled into a degree program, the Financial Agreement is binding.  “Full Payments 10% off.”  Campus students pay 50% more tuition than Distant Learners.


Associates Degree $50 per credit hour.

Bachelor’s Degree $60 per credit hour.

Master’s Degree $90 per credit hour.

Doctorate $100 per credit hour.

PhD Program $200 per credit hour.

Textbooks and CD’s must be purchased by students.



Certificate                          $1500
30 Credit Hours

Evangelist or Ministerial Ordination

Associate Degree                            $3,000
60 Credit Hours

Associate of Arts in Theology
Associates of Arts in Biblical Studies
Associates of Arts in Counseling

Bachelor’s Degree                           $3,600
60 Credit Hours above A.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Theology
Bachelor of Arts in Ministry
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Psychology
Bachelor in Science in Christian-Pastoral Chaplaincy

Master’s Degree                              $5,400
60 Credit Hours above B.A.

Master of Arts in Christian Education
Master of Arts in Christian Counseling
Master of Arts in Christian Psychology
Master of Science in Pastoral Chaplaincy
Master of Arts in Theology
Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

Doctorate Degree Program         $6,000
60 Credit Hours above Masters

Doctorate in Christian Counseling
Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology
Doctorate in Theology
Doctorate in Christian Education

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)        $12,000
60 Credit Hours after 1st Doctorate Degree

PhD in Humanities
PhD in Systematic Theology
PhD in Clinical Pastoral Psychology
PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling